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Dear Viewers,

Today: video! Just click on the video box to watch video you will NOT see anyplace else.

As promised, more behind the scenes. This time, you can log onto and see not only the inside of the vice president's wife's office, but you can see how we set up for interviews. When you watch a TV interview, you see two people talking to themselves and not much more (I guess we want to make sure you are listening to the content!) But, as you might guess, there is much work by others that must be done in order to bring you the interview. The crews work really hard and it is too bad you don't get to meet them. They also have to show up more than an hour before the interview with all the heavy equipment that they lug around.

Mrs. Cheney (search) graciously let me shoot some video of her office and of our crew setting up the shot. You can see not only the interior of her office, but the TV cameras and the crew sitting in the chairs that Mrs. Cheney and I sat in for the interview. The crew sits in them prior to the interview so that the cameraperson can frame the shot and also check the lighting.

Mrs. Cheney's office is in the Old Executive Office Building (search), which is on the White House grounds. The building is huge — it appears much larger than the White House — and is beautiful. When I first moved to Washington in 1976 there had been recent talk to tear it down, but the preservationists, I am happy to add, won.

I asked Mrs. Cheney how long her office was used by the wife of the vice president and she told me that both Mrs. Gore and Mrs. Quayle used it. She was unsure if other wives of vice presidents used it. I noticed in the window a big old air conditioner and I asked her about the heating and air conditioning of the building and she said it was pretty good. Of course the building was built before there was central air and I imagine the cost to install would double the country's budget!

Late Friday night we decided to postpone our trip to Redwood City. We are gambling that the sentencing hearing will be delayed one week. We expect that Peterson's lawyer will ask for time to prepare for the hearing and to appeal the judge's ruling on his request for a new panel (we are expecting that the judge will deny that request.) Of course, this is, as I noted, a gamble. You never know what a judge's ruling will be.

Finally, we are working on our e-mail mailbox situation. In the middle of the show on Friday, I got a notice that the mailbox was closed since it had reached its limit. I e-mailed my assistant to eliminate e-mail I had already answered, but that did not fix the situation. Some day you will see me during the show pick up my laptop and hurl it across the studio. I love the computer, but I often find myself at war with it.

Here's an e-mail that did make it through. The last line is "interesting" — a threat. This e-mail is from a viewer in Brazil:

Your "show" is disgusting! Now you have transformed your show in to the Sharon Rocha show and all you do is praise that woman.
Your stupid guests ONLY say Sharon Rocha is a wonderful woman, that she loves Scott and she is NOT vindictive. That woman ONLY HAS HATE in her. That woman has done nothing besides trying to RUIN Scott's life. Sharon Rocha got what she wanted, she convicted and killed a man that had nothing to do with Laci's death. WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO BEAT A DEAD HORSE?
Your stupid guests specially Jim Hammer and Gloria Allred, say Laci and Sharon were very close. THAT IS BULLS__T. Read the transcripts of Sharon Rocha's testimonies and you will SEE they were NOT best friends and that in fact Laci had been distant from her mother. Even the invitation to attend Sharon's Xmas dinner was only accepted on Dec 23 at 8 PM BECAUSE LACI didn't want to go.
She didn't want to go because she had some issues with $haron and Ron! READ Sharon's testimony and SEE $haron herself SAY she wasn't close to Laci ANYMORE! The LAST time $haron SAW Laci was on Dec 15 WHEN SCOTT GAVE A DINNER AT HIS HOUSE FOR SHARON AND RON. He was trying to bring them close to Laci again. Didn't you know that? Sharon LIVED a few blocks from Laci's house and from Dec 15 to Dec 24 she didn't SEE her daughter once ? WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? THINK! Is that normal? Your daughter is 7 1/2 months pregnant, lives 10 minutes from your place and you DON'T visit her or have her over for 9 straight days? That shows you HOW MUCH $haron and Laci were NOT FRIENDS! WAKE UP, read between the lines!
Is Sharon Rocha PAYING YOU and your idiotic guests to make these declarations of love?
I will write Sharon Rocha and her sick family hate letters during years because you make me hate her more everyday for having to listen to your stupid comments.
You helped to convict Scott and now you want the jurors to hate him even more so you keep saying on your show everyday that $haron Rocha is a loving saint.
Greta you are a son of a bitch and I KNOW life will teach you a lesson. What you do here, you pay here! If I were there I would personally teach you a lesson.
Ana Cristina Costa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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