Behind Casey Anthony's Return to Jail

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: This is a "FOX News Alert." The mother of missing toddler Caylee Anthony has been re-arrested and taken back to jail in Florida. Moments ago, the Orange County sheriff's office spoke about the arrest -- the re-arrest -- of Casey Anthony.


CAPT. ANGELO NIEVES, ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE: Late this evening, Orange County Sheriff's Office detectives returned to the anthony residence and placed the defendant under arrest for violation of florida statutes dealing with economic crimes. The defendant was placed into custody without incident and transported here to the orange county main office for processing of her paperwork.

The defendant is under arrest currently for violation of Florida statutes dealing with uttering a forged instrument, fraudulent use of personal information and petty theft. The defendant is currently awaiting transport to the Orange County jail for booking.

The charges came known to the investigators through the process of investigation. As with any case of this magnitude, allegations will surface and be followed up and investigated as appropriate. An arrest warrant was sought and authorized for the indicated charges by a circuit court judge late this evening.

As well, there have been many questions regarding the forensic evidence and investigative follow-up that is ongoing in the disappearance of Caylee. We do have returns that indicate human decomposition was present and located in the defendant's vehicle. As stated earlier by the state attorney, Lawson Lamar (ph), we had high hopes of finding her alive, and that hope is somewhat diminished.


VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us live is Drew Petrimoux, a reporter for WDBO radio. Drew, obviously its big news tonight that she was arrested, but the more stunning thing is the presence of decomposition in that automobile, and they have a diminished expectation that they are going to find that child alive. That is stunning news.

DREW PETRIMOUX, WDBO RADIO: That actually came out earlier in the week, Wednesday. It came from the University of Tennessee body farm lab, where they took air samples from inside of Casey Anthony's car and set them up there. Initial returns came back suggesting human decomposition.

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VAN SUSTEREN: Drew, I think her lawyer will be joining us soon, so let me go to this economic crimes issue. And economic crime means you essentially stole something or took something from someone. Do we know who that someone might be, and do we now when this crime allegedly occurred? Was it in the last eight or nine days since she's been out, or is it sometime before that?

PETRIMOUX: It was actually before she was arrested the first time. The girl's name was Amy Hizinga, and was a close friend of Casey. What was reported was she actually stole a checkbook out of Amy's car when she had borrowed it.

Amy went on a trip--a cruise, actually--and when she came back she found her checkbook was gone. We learned that it was about $700 in forged checks to Windixie and Target.

There is also a uttering a foreign instrument(ph) charge that goes along with that as well, and petty theft.

VAN SUSTEREN: What is so weird about it is that she borrowed Amy's car, but she had had her mother's car where they did the decomposition tests that she abandoned, and it was towed on June 30.

It is so weird that she would dump this car at this check saching place, and she has borrowed her friends, and now apparently borrowed a check book.

PETRIMOUX: Right. And these are all things that investigators have to work out. Being outside of the investigation, they raise questions and don't make sense.

VAN SUSTEREN: Indeed, they do not. Drew, thank you.

A bail bondsmen and a bounty hunter posted Casey's $500,000 bond. Do the men now regret their decision? We'll have to ask one of them.

Joining us live is bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. Leonard, the person you out is now unbailed out, right? She is sitting in the slammer, so I assume that you will get the money that you put up.

But you initially told me that the reason you wanted her out is because you believe that the child is alive. We have now heard the report that there was decomposition in the trunk of a car, which is not a good sign. Do you still have that level of optimism that that child is alive?

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: No, no, absolutely not, Greta. Besides the Tennessee report, you also have the FBI lab coming back and saying it they found DNA in the truck also of possibly the child, but either her's or Casey's.

VAN SUSTEREN: Have you met with Casey at any time since she's been out?


VAN SUSTEREN: You never had a conversation with her?

PADILLA: No. The day that we rode home from the jail, she said few words. And we were inside, and she walked by and, you know, mumbled something, said something. And I got up and walked out because I did not want her attorney getting upset that I was discussing anything with her. But she never approached me about discussing--

VAN SUSTEREN: Here's a weird question. Did she ever say "Thank you for bailing me out"?

PADILLA: Yes, she did in the car when she first got in and we were heading out. She was sitting between her attorneys in the backseat and she said something about, "Thank you, guys, thank you."

VAN SUSTEREN: What was your sense of her when she was sitting in the backseat?

PADILLA: I was busy watching the media cars trying to run us over. She was back between her attorneys, and she was talking to them. So I could hear them talking, but I couldn't really make out what they were discussing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Leonard, you need to get your money back, because the women you bailed out is back in for something else. Leonard, thank you.

PADILLA: You're welcome.

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