When the Boston brewers of Sam Adams beer found out about the Web site samadamsformayor.com, they demanded that it be taken down right away.

Trouble is, Sam Adams really is running for mayor — of Portland, Oregon.

The hosts of a Portland radio show registered the Web addresses samadamsformayor.com and mayorsamadams.com and promised to give them to Adams, a city commissioner, if he discussed his political future on their show.

That brought a letter from Boston Beer Company, informing the radio hosts that it owns the trademarks for Sam Adams, the Revolutionary War-era patriot and brewer.

The company admits it didn't know there really was a Sam Adams running for mayor until after it sent the letter.

The candidate says he's amused by the flap, pointing out that while Boston Beer claims to have owned the Sam Adams trademark since 1984, he's owned it since he was born in 1963.