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GLENN BECK, HOST: Obama's disinformation czar, Linda Douglass, is back.

She has resurfaced again to clarify any misconceptions that you may have about President Obama's healthcare plan. Take a look:


LINDA DOUGLASS, OBAMA DISINFORMATION CZAR: And in this case, this was, you know, a bunch of clips that were taken out of context with a headline that said "The president wants to eliminate private insurance."

Well, that is the absolute opposite of what he is talking about.


BECK: Well, hold on. It's completely — it's the opposite.

Last week, you may remember, I introduced you to our own czar, the dis-disinformation czar, Stu Burguiere:


STU BURGUIERE, PRODUCER, 'GLENN BECK' PROGRAM: Right. Yes, that's true. I'm dressed like her because I'm a huge fan. She is very talented. She made the incredible leap from mainstream media reporter all the way to Obama administration mouthpiece.


BECK: Well, now, we've got a problem here, because there are some things that just don't really make sense. There are some things that don't make sense with health care and — is our czar ready?

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Here he is, because he has to clarify some things on her disinformation:


BURGUIERE: The disinformation about information from Offices of Disinformation. I'm dressed like this to give you your health care information in a way that's less threatening and more creepy — whichever way you look at it.

Today, we're going to look at something very interesting from Howard Kurtz. He was talking to Linda Douglass, who is the journalist-turned-Obama mouthpiece, Obama-mouthpiece-turned Obama mouthpiece. And she was sitting here talking to Howard Kurtz about the healthcare plan and how Obama seems to have supported a single-payer care in the past. Here's the exchange:


HOWARD KURTZ, JOURNALIST: So, you can say well, it misrepresented or perhaps suggested that this is his position now.

DOUGLASS: His current plan...

KURTZ: But apparently he did have a different position when he was senator and that's legitimate to throw out there.

DOUGLASS: He didn't have a different position when he was a senator.


BURGUIERE: There's something I agree with.

But we did find out here that, you know, it is a little unfair what conservatives are doing. They are accusing Barack Obama of lying now. And honestly, that's a little bit unfair.

There are a lot of innocent explanations on what he was doing. For example, he could have been lying then. Or, for example, Linda Douglass could be lying, or maybe all of their statements are just filled with lies. I don't know. It's certainly very, very, very possible.

And in case you don't — and remember, the supporting evidence here — this is Mr. I-forgot-that-I-support-universal-single-payer-care. This is back, though — if you can remember, way back in the day. This is back when we were at war with Iraq and Afghanistan:


BARACK OBAMA: I happen to be a proponent of single-payer universal healthcare coverage.


A single-payer health care plan, universal health care plan — that's what I'd like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately, because first, we've got to take back the White House, and we got to take back the presidency.


BURGUIERE: But what we did learn from Barack, of course, is that he is a proponent of single-payer care. But the English language is — honestly, it's a very, very evasive thing. What does that word even mean, "proponent?" It's all these syllables. It's so complicated.

So we can look at definition. We have, let's see, the dictionary definition here, which is, of course, "A person who pleads for a cause or idea, an advocate."

Or we can go, of course, with Linda Douglass' definition which I believe is something like "someone who doesn't support a policy but then routinely says he does in front of friendly audiences and cameras all the while hiding his future desire to plot the implementation of a less-complete version of that policy that just happens to be more expedient."

Honestly, it could be either one. Who knows? It's just so complicated — "proponent." All those syllables.


BECK: It is. All right. Thank you very much, Steve Burguiere, who looks oddly comfortable like that.

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