Beck: We'll Be Watching, Scott Brown

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I don't want to rain on your parade if you think Scott Brown is the messiah, and I swear that's about what the people are starting to say about him. He's not. I do believe Brown's victory was significant, because this is another sign of people waking up, a seat held for more than 30 years by Democrats in Massachusetts, won by a Republican. But let's keep our fingers crossed that we can trust him. He is still a politician.

I feel people are giving up on the partisan of voting on principles which is — celebrate that, America.

I showed you this poll yesterday, and I want you to take another look at this poll. In Massachusetts, more than half of the voters, 51 percent are no longer affiliated with a political party.

You kidding me? You know how great that is? Make them work for your vote!

A Rasmussen Poll testing a three-way generic national ballot shows voters not affiliated with either major party, 33 percent say Tea Party, 30 percent undecided, 25 percent Democrats, 12 percent Republicans. But in the last 12 hours, the voters of Massachusetts have been called racist, stupid — and these are by major organizations — racist, stupid and just plain sexist.

Nobody gets it. This isn't about race. This isn't about gender. This is about the people. We, the people, standing up for what people want regardless of party.

There's been a sea change in the country. Isn't it amazing?

It's not that people hate Obama. People like him. Watch this — look at this new "Wall Street Journal" Poll on Barack Obama.

When rating President Obama and being easy going and likable, 72 percent like him. We give him a favorable rating. We like him. We just think he's really, really wrong.

From the same poll, asked in which direction the nation is generally headed: the right direction, 34 percent; the wrong direction, 54; mixed, 10 percent; not sure -- I mean, why do you even answer the phone?

It's not Obama off-course. Congress, their approval rating. Look at this one. Approve of Congress, 21 percent; disapprove, 67 percent.

How do you tie your shoes if you're not sure about this one? I wonder why they have such a low rating.

Just to show how out of touch politicians really are, here's Nancy Pelosi, what she said Monday:


SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF.: I have confidence about tomorrow, because I'm a grassroots organizer. It doesn't matter what the poll says. It matters who votes and we'll see what happens tomorrow. But let's remove all doubt that we will have health care one way or another.


BECK: OK, well the grassroots organizing, which creeped me out just a bit, may have clouded her judgment because Brown won.

According to Rasmussen Poll, of 1,000 Massachusetts voters, health care was the major issue in the election; 78 percent of Brown voters strongly oppose. Seventy-eight oppose! Coakley, 52 percent are for.


I want to show you another poll of Massachusetts voters here. This is Public Policy Polling. And they ask: do you think that ACORN will try to steal the election for Martha Coakley? Look at this — 25 percent say yes; 38 percent say no — 37 percent say, "I don't know, maybe."

This is significant because a year ago, ACORN was a gang of misfits. Do you remember when we used to laugh at community organizers and go, "Oh, big job." That, they have huge power. Nobody cared about ACORN a year ago, but a quarter of the voters actually think they would try to steal the election and 37 percent say, "Maybe."

People are waking up. They're waking up to the games, and they're saying “enough.” But forget about the polls because you can make the polls say anything.

Take a look at this one. This is President Obama's approval rating by Rasmussen versus the S&P. The S&P here is the blue line. Here’s the S&P, got it?

As Obama goes down, the S&P goes up. Now, any statistician is going to tell you correlation does not show causation — whatever.

Let me throw a theory out here: One thing people really care about is money, right? Your life, how much pocket money do you have? As investors saw Obama's popularity drop and realize the vision of more government, more spending, more strangling of the free-market, more taxes, might not pan out, people begin to invest.

Look at the dates: The 19th of February — 19th of February, almost to the very bottom of the S&P. This is the day that CNBC's Rick Santelli did his famous tea party rant. The S&P then hit bottom.

Somebody hold on to something. Are you alone? Some hope for the future? This is where we announce the 9-12 Project.

Here we are in April. Look at this. Here are the tea parties. They cross. The S&P has gone up.

I've said it before. There's a sea change in the country and it's not about parties, it's not about politics, it's not about the games that people play in Washington. Principles, stop with the games.

So, the newly-elected senator from Massachusetts – congratulations, sincerely. But just know this: When you get to Washington, oh we are going to watch you like a hawk and all of the people that serve in Washington with you.

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