Bebe Neuwirth, Signs and American Idol in the phone poll we conduct called a Foxlight.

Bebe Neuwirth says she had some Tadpole trepidation’s. In the hot new indie film she plays a fortysomething chiropractor with the right adjustments to seduce a 15-year-old boy -- it's called 'tadpoling' -- but it's also called illegal in real life.

Neuwirth says she made sure the actor who played her boy toy was "comfortably in his twenties" and just playing 15. Oh OK, so it's just about something illegal.

Want to know if Joaquin Phoenix believes in the kind of creepy alien activity in his new movie Signs? Don't ask him. He's not really the Q&A type. At a recent press junket for the film he was freaked out by all the questions. That's why it's called an interview Joaquin. He cut his time short for journalists. Maybe if he hadn't worn the aluminum foil on his head our alien questions could have gotten through.

Finally, they kicked the hottest woman off American Idol? I want a recount! And they kept Justin. Come on! He's Carrot Top with a henna rinse.