If you believe this country was founded on divine providence — like our founders did — you believe that freedom was important enough that God got involved personally.

That's why this country was set up in a very specific way. Our rights and liberties come to us from God and we lend them to the government. Washington currently seems to have a different spin on that: government is god.

But, if you believe in the founders' ideals, it makes sense that God would give us an early warning system. That's your gut — don't dismiss it.

Whether it's Washington or the media, people aren't necessarily telling you the truth, because it's a hard truth. Some don't tell you because there are financial ramifications or others just honestly don't believe these things are possible. But they are possible.

Will they happen? I don't know. But I do know the Bush and Obama administrations met last month to war game about a set of coordinated IED attacks.

Our government thinks it needs to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Why would it be crazy for you to want the same thing?

You have a right to prepare yourselves. We're entering a time where you need to listen to your gut, ask reasonable questions and calmly and logically prepare yourselves for what's possible.

Remember: The impossible sometimes turns into the reality quicker than you can imagine. Ask anyone who is running a bank or flipping houses.

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