BBC Drops Thatcher's Daughter After Reported Racist Remark

The BBC says it has dropped Carol Thatcher, daughter of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as a contributor to a TV show after she reportedly used an offensive term in front of colleagues.

The broadcaster said it was "no longer working with Carol Thatcher" on "The One Show," a popular current affairs program.

The BBC did not elaborate. But British media outlets — including the BBC — reported Wednesday that Thatcher had referred to an unidentified tennis player as a "golliwog" during a backstage conversation last week with the show's presenter and guests.

Carol Thatcher spokeswoman Ali Gunn told radio station talkSport that the remark had been made "in jest."

"I would like to say that this comment was made in jest afterwards in the green room over a drink and no one objected to it at the time," Gunn said. "I think it's absolutely outrageous that the BBC has condoned this leak."

Golliwogs — rag dolls resembling black-faced minstrels — were a popular children's toy in Britain during the early part of the 20th century. Both the doll and the term are now widely considered racist.

Carol and her twin brother Mark, 55, are the children of Baroness Thatcher and her late husband, Denis. Carol Thatcher is a journalist who gained national fame by winning the TV reality show "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"

The BBC has recently faced criticism over the behavior of several of its personalities.

Late last year it suspended star presenters Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross after they left lewd messages on the voice mail of actor Andrew Sachs.