BBC Anything But Impartial

After Thursday's 'My Word' on the BBC (search), the British Broadcasting Company... I got a few emails from outraged Brits.

They were ticked off I could say such nasty things about a network they have come to know as "mother," and which went off on an anti-American rant for the entire period before and during the Iraq war.

More than one email writer said the Beeb was impartial. Excuse me, but I watched the BBC's output during the war, and it was often shocking to see the network's allegedly impartial reporters and anchors indulging themselves in snide asides about the Americans or President Bush — posing questions that revealed an anti-war and anti-American agenda, not to mention the huge issue of chasing Tony Blair around for the crime of being so friendly to the Americans.

Andrew Gilligan (search), the loose-lip reporter — to use the Beeb's own phrase — actually resigned.

So now we have the chairman, the vice president of news and the reporter resigning... and people are telling me the BBC did nothing wrong? Then why did these guys resign? To show how brilliant they were?

Come on... the BBC displayed the biases of Britain's chattering classes — that Bush was a moron, that the war was illegal and immoral, that the American people were too stupid to elect a man who ends up running the world, and that somebody smart enough — like the Brits — should take over that all-important job.

You will occasionally see the head of the BBC showing up stateside to brag that Americans are starting to come to their brand of news because it is so obviously superior to the stuff the flag-wearing, U.S. anchors deliver.

I repeat... when you hear that stuff, remember it was the Beeb that was caught lying.

That's My Word.

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