Bayh Doubts He'll Be Kerry's VP Pick

Sen. Evan Bayh (search) knows his math. With so many people under consideration as possible running mates for Democrat John Kerry (search), the Indiana senator said Tuesday that likely reduces the odds that he'll be chosen.

"I'm flattered by the speculation, but I doubt that is going to happen," Bayh said during a visit to the AM General plant in Mishwaka, Ind., where Army Humvees are built. "I don't anticipate it happening, so I don't stay up late at night worrying about it. But I wouldn't be human if it wasn't a little flattering.

"I think all of the speculation is good for my ego, but little else," he said.

Bayh, who is running this year for a second term in the Senate, said his assessment was based on the number of people who've been mentioned as possible choices for the vice presidential nomination.

"I just think it's a mathematical fact if you have six, eight, 10 quality good people, the chances of any one of them being selected is less than 50-50," Bayh said.

Among those being mentioned as possible Kerry running mates are Rep. Dick Gephardt (search) of Missouri, Sen. John Edwards (search) of North Carolina, retired Gen. Wesley Clark (search), Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (search), New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (search) and Republican Sen. John McCain (search) of Arizona. McCain has said several times that he is not interested.

Kerry does not discuss his search for a vice presidential candidate. Bayh declined to comment on whether he has talked with Kerry campaign officials.

Bayh said he is focused on his work as a senator and his re-election campaign, but that he doesn't think the job of vice president is "the kind of thing you say no to."

"If someone asks me to serve in a different capacity, I think I'd probably say yes to that kind of thing," Bayh said. "I don't think that's going to happen."