Battleground Booking

Dear Viewers,

Last night seemed to go off without a hitch — which I hate to say in case it means I am jinxing tonight's show!

I hope you liked the new feature we have which is getting two vet reporters from an election battleground state to find out what is going on in their states. As you know, this election will be decided by a very few number of states and we want to keep our eye on them — and we want to book as guests those who know their states best.

I am also looking for e-mails from you - the viewer - about the Scott Peterson (search) double murder case because we are going to answer them on our show this Friday night (and yes, I AM working Friday night. The summer is over and so are my routine Friday nights off!)

Some of you may have noticed that I seemed to know the guest Eileen O'Connor - appearing from Russia - particularly well. I do.

We worked together for years at CNN. She was the bureau chief in Moscow for years, and then covered the Justice Department and then the White House for CNN. Like many of us, she decided it was time to leave CNN and has been doing many things besides TV journalism — including going to law school at night.

It was only coincidental that she was in Russia and spent time with President Putin (search) when the massacre at the school occurred. Her husband, who worked for ABC for years, tipped me off as to where she was and thus I "drafted" her to come on our show.

Not only does she know much about Russia from her years there, but she had incredible access to President Putin at a very important time. She spent about 4 hours with him with only 30 people present. The group spent the time peppering him with questions.

I will take Eileen to dinner when she gets back since her appearance on our show required her getting up very early and she did have news that no one else did. I imagine people at our old employment were stunned to see her on the air with me at FOX.

I assure you they saw her since all cable networks have rows and rows of TV’s throughout each bureau airing all the different networks. (Incidentally, there are many familiar faces I worked with at CNN: Mrs. Cheney, Pat Buchanan, etc.)


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