The battle in Seattle (search) over the naming of Chinatown and the surrounding area has been simmering for decades — but now it's boiling over.

The controversy erupted when city leaders announced they would be naming a new parks and recreation building "The International/Chinatown Community Center (search)."

Technically, the building is just outside the historic Chinatown district. The 48-block area around Chinatown was officially named the "International District" in the 1950s, a decision made by Seattle leaders who wanted to reflect the diversity of the area in which Japanese, Filipinos and African-Americans were living.

The different ethnic groups have largely gotten along. But when it comes to naming names, there's been plenty of friction. Many Chinese residents see the whole name game as a slap in the face — the Chinese were in the area first, and their businesses still dominate the whole area.

But supporters of the "International" label say the Chinese should work as hard at improving the area for everyone as they are at having their way in naming landmarks.

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