Battered Baby Has Spleen Removed, Pancreas Reconstructed

A 14-month-old boy is in critical condition after being beaten so badly he had internal bleeding, forcing surgeons to operate.

Doctors removed the boy's spleen and reconstructed his pancreas Thursday.

Authorities charged his mother's fiance, 19-year-old Christian Jimenez-Colon, with aggravated child abuse.

Jimenez-Colon told police he hit the boy, pinched his throat and crushed him against a crib in an attempt to help the sick baby vomit. He also said he may have used too much force because he was angry over money issues.

The baby will be placed under the guardianship of the Department of Children and Families when he is released from the hospital.

It was not immediately known if Jimenez-Colon had an attorney.