Anthony Anderson (search), the rotund comedic co-star of "Kangaroo Jack" (search) and the original "Barbershop," made a brief court appearance Thursday to say he understands that he is accused of rape and has a lawyer.

At such initial appearances in Shelby County General Sessions Court, judges inform defendants of the charges against them and inquire about their legal representation.

The 33-year-old actor was accused by an unidentified woman of luring her into a trailer on the set of his latest movie, "Hustle & Flow," (search) and sexually assaulting her. Also accused is Wayne Witherspoon (search), an assistant director.

Both Anderson and Witherspoon deny wrongdoing. They are free on $20,000 bond each.

Anderson avoided reporters Thursday by using a side door to the courtroom generally reserved for judges.

Another hearing was set Aug. 19 for lawyers to tell the court if they're ready to go forward with the case.