Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, who is mulling a presidential bid, will travel to New Hampshire next month.

The Illinois senator will join New Hampshire Democrats on Dec. 10 for a belated celebration of their big win in the midterm election. It will be one of Obama's first forays into an early voting state.

Though still in his first term in the Senate, Obama has attracted national attention for his fresh face, commanding speaking style and compelling personal story.

The race for the 2008 Democratic nomination is considered wide open, and at least a dozen potential contenders are weighing formal bids.

Obama and New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, the front-runner should she enter the Democratic race, have generated buzz with appearances in Iowa, but both have avoided New Hampshire thus far.

"We are honored that Senator Obama has accepted our invitation to celebrate the historic, tidal wave victory New Hampshire's Democrats experienced this November," state party Chairwoman Kathy Sullivan said Tuesday in announcing the visit.

Democrats took both of the state's U.S. House seats, the Democratic governor won re-election by a record margin, and the historically GOP-dominated Legislature and Executive Council both swung to Democratic control.