So in an interview Tuesday, Spike Lee said the election of Barack Obama is "pre-deortained" -- a word that really doesn't exist, at least in the heads of sane people.

But, the fact is, Spike's right: Obama's rise is "pre-deortained," at least when it comes to anyone who works in the media or entertainment industry.

So why is that?

It's simple: Obama embodies the most eloquent and appealing combination of every liberal cliché molded into an agreeable life form. He's able to take every failed policy and every adolescent and/or misguided belief about wealth and make it sound perfectly sensible -- even heroic!

He is, in effect, the perfect Hollywood president, not simply because Hollywood loves him, but because Hollywood made him.

Think about this: There has never been, in the history of moviemaking, a noble non-liberal president. Whether he's played by Michael Douglas or Kevin Kline, what makes him appealing are his simple liberal virtues, i.e. bombing bad guys is wrong, the rich are corrupt and the poor deserve your Porsche.

Where the average Joe sees enterprise, Hollywood and the mainstream media sees American greed. And that's the cause of all the world's problems (exempting their own massive coke habits).
Obama is so good at playing this role, that it's easy to overlook the socialist principles embedded in his ideological core. And that's scary.

I mean, wasn't the credit mess nothing more than an act of wealth redistribution? Banks were encouraged to give loans to high-risk folks to buy homes they couldn't afford. It's a free lunch that, in the end, we're all now paying for.

And this is what happens when you decide to rearrange a pie instead of growing it. What you get is sticky fingers, instead of a full stomach.

And if you disagree with me, then you sir, are worse than Mars Blackman.

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