It is now a daily occurrence: hard-left groups telling Barack Obama he must do their bidding because they supported him.

Monday, the ACLU demanded Guantanamo Bay be shut down. Last week, it was MoveOn urging Obama to quickly move left. Tuesday, it was The New York Times on illegal immigration, an issue that has lost some steam in the face of the financial panic.

Now last weekend, a Long Island man, Marcello Lucero from Ecuador, was beaten to death, allegedly by seven high school students on Long Island. Authorities are calling it a hate crime.

Immediately, The Times used that murder to demonize Suffolk County executive Steve Levy, who has led a crackdown on illegal immigration in his jurisdiction. But The Times failed to mention that on Levy's watch, hate crimes against Hispanics have dropped from 16 to one because Levy has been proactive in diffusing problems caused by criminal illegal aliens and exploitative businesses.

What The New York Times wants Barack Obama to do is grant every illegal alien in this country amnesty and to accommodate pretty much any person that wants to come to America. Time after time, The Times editorialized against a border fence or any other barrier to illegal immigration. Instead, The Times labels people like me and Steve Levy, who want a sane, secure immigration policy for both Americans and foreign nationals, unfair zealots.

Now that is blatantly dishonest, and I can prove it. Here's what I've said over and over:


O'REILLY: I've always said if I were a poor Mexican, I would try to cross the border and earn money here and send it back to my family.


O'REILLY: I don't blame the illegal aliens. I blame the federal governments of both Mexico and the United States of America.


That was three years ago. Once again, there is a solution to illegal immigration, and Barack Obama should embrace it.

First, stop illegal crossings at the borders. Second, mandate that all illegals register with the federal government. Third, heavily fine companies that hire people with bogus or nonexistent Social Security numbers. And finally, evaluate aliens on a case by case basis for green cards.

"Talking Points" believes most reasonable people would accept that. We hope President-elect Obama will do the right thing.

Finally, we send our condolences to the family of Marcello Lucero, who is in this country legally. But we must note that thousands of American citizens have been killed by illegal aliens, and we cannot find one New York Times editorial condemning that. Not one.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

As you may know, Congressman Rahm Emanuel is the new White House chief of staff, and a few years ago his now boss, President-elect Obama, roasted him.

Click here to watch "Pinheads & Patriots."


BARACK OBAMA: It hasn't been easy for Rahmbo. As a young man he had a serious accident. I think many of you are aware of this. He was working at a deli, an accident with a meat slicing machine. He lost part of his middle finger. As a result of this, this rendered him practically moot.

Think about it. Can you imagine somebody with a weird name like Rahm Emanuel getting elected to Congress from Illinois? It's astonishing.

Rahm's brother, Ari, is the model for the lead character on the big hit on HBO, "Entourage." What you may not know is that Rahm himself is an inspiration for that other HBO character, Tony Soprano.


A sense of humor is always patriotic.

On the pinhead front, according to London's Daily Mail newspaper, the increasingly bizarre Madonna has issued these instructions for her estranged husband when their kids visit him: The only water the kids can drink has to be blessed by Kabbalah priests. No TV. They can only wear clothing that Madonna picks out. And any toys the kids play with have to be spiritually and ethically sound.

Sounds like my old Levittown neighborhood. Madonna is a pinhead.

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