Bank Employee Unplugs Remote-Control Robbers

Criminals were seconds away from robbing a bank by remote control when an alert employee literally pulled the plug on their brazen scam, Swedish investigators said Wednesday.

The would-be robbers had placed "advanced technical equipment" under the employee's desk that allowed them to take control of his computer remotely, prosecutor Thomas Balter Nordenman said in a statement.

The employee discovered the device shortly after he realized his computer had started an operation to transfer "millions" from the bank into another account, Nordenman said.

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"By pulling out the cable to the device, the employee managed to stop the intended transfer at the last second," he said.

The foiled heist happened in August at a bank in Uppland county, north of Stockholm, police said.

Police described the incident Wednesday after arresting seven suspects, all locals, while they were allegedly preparing another heist this week.

Police did not name the suspects, but said many of them have prior fraud and theft convictions. Investigators did not give other details on the device, or how it was placed under the desk.