Bad Hair Day? New German Study Moves Closer to Finding Cure

Want to eliminate all bad hair days? According to German scientists, a solution to the problem of unruly hair could be right around the corner, reports.

Scientists in Germany have been taking a close-up look at the way in which hair fibers interact in hopes of creating a product to eliminate bad hair days -- indefinitely.

The study is believed to be the first of its kind.

The findings of the study were revealed on Aug. 17 at an American Chemical Society meeting in Philadelphia. In the study, scientists used a sample of female Caucasian hair to find out why hair feels soft or rough to the touch and how hair reacts when it is exposed to products such as shampoo, conditioner and gels and other hair care products, reported.

The study also found that damage to hair causes scaly projections to protrude from hair fibers which, in turn, creates friction with other fibers to make hair feel rough and difficult to brush or comb, according to

"There are several changes that take place at the same time when hair is exposed to hair care products, and it will help greatly to understand which of those changes is crucial for optimizing hair care," Max said.

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