Bad Boys II, The Practice and Madonna

Behind the scenes of Bad Boys II with Martin Lawrence, Michelle Pfeiffer's TV-watching habits and Madonna's new ad campaign.

Who's the baddest bad boy? Martin Lawrence says Will Smith is the funniest one on the set of Bad Boys II. He also reveals that that's really him in the rat scene. It wasn't supposed to be, but the director insisted. Lawrence thought of the movie Willard and the Wacko Jacko song "Ben."

"If Michael Jackson can love a rat, so can I," quipped Lawrence.

You know The Practice was in trouble when even the producer's wife got hooked by a competing show. David E. Kelley says with The Practice playing on Mondays, opposite Joe Millionaire, he wanted to see what all the fuss was about. He turned the TV on while his wife, Michelle Pfeiffer, was reading a book next to him. Ten minutes later, when Kelley picked up the remote to change the channel, Pfeiffer yelled, "Wait! Wait! Wait! I want to see if that [expletive] comes back." Which woman was she talking about? She didn't say.

Why would Madonna do ads for The Gap? Her publicist says "Why not Gap?" She says the material girl wears the clothes. Really? Madonna? The store is trying to get shoppers in their 30s and 40s to come back. Madonna's only done a couple of other endorsements. One was for Max Factor in Europe. Pepsi dropped her in 1989 when they didn't like the religious images in her music video for "Like a Prayer." Her new ad campaign for The Gap starts July 28.