Back to School 2001:A Fox News Report Card

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Sat., Sept. 8 at 3:30pm ET

Hosted by Fox News correspondent, Rick Folbaum.

Hard to believe but summer is over and kids around the country are back in school. We'll go way beyond the basics and tell you what you need to know.

First, just how severe is the teacher shortage we've heard so much about? And what will it mean for your child?

Then, we'll take a look at the battles that have developed in school districts over classics of American literature. Just why would a school want to ban To Kill A Mockingbird or Of Mice and Men?

Plus, why are some parents afraid of vaccinations against serious illnesses? Are they putting your child at risk because of their fears?

And, are skimpy school clothes crossing the line when it comes to kids?

Finally, just how do you prepare for the cost of college? We'll have some unique insights into one of the most persistent problems of parenting in today's economy.

We hope you join us this Saturday afternoon for Back to School 2001!