Back to Normal

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Dear Viewers,

Just a short note to bring you up to date.

I arrived back in D.C. and had no power. Of course I was not alone since many in Washington (search) had lost power days earlier. Upon walking into the house I made the first mistake of opening the refrigerator. The odor from the spoiled food was so overwhelming that I almost called 911 to revive myself! After sunset, my husband and I acted like everyone else in the area -- we each walked the house armed with a flashlight. We looked like cat burglars casing a joint. Fortunately the power came on in the middle of the night and now life is back to normal.

“Normal” also includes that I am back in the D.C. bureau to do our show On The Record. (Incidentally, the room we used to air our show live from Atlantic City last week was a closed bar in the Trump hotel. I probably should have had the cameraman turn the camera and show all of you. You might have been amused to see how we improvise in television.)

The show is not at home in D.C. long. On Wednesday we head out to Los Angeles to cover the California debate. We will do a show from L.A. on Wednesday and Thursday night... and then I will hop a red eye and fly back to Washington.

As the plan is now, I will be back on our D.C. set on Friday. If I slur my words, it is from sleep deprivation and not a beer.


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