Back In The U.S.S.R.?

And now the most scintillating two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

Baghdad Visit Boosts Support

A new poll out today shows that President Bush's overall approval ratings have jumped since he visited Baghdad last week, going from 56 percent the week before Thanksgiving to 61 percent now. Similarly, the poll shows 49 percent of Americans now approve of the way President Bush is handling the situation in Iraq, up from 44 percent the week before.

What's more, the poll, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, shows slightly more Americans now say the situation in Iraq was worth going to war over.

Back In The U.S.S.R.?

Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean (search) -- who said he could -- "teach [President Bush] a little about defense" -- says the key to curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions is -- "the Soviet Union (search) [which] is supplying much of the equipment that Iran ... mostly likely is using. ... We need to use [our] leverage with the Soviet Union, and it may require us buying the equipment the Soviet Union was ultimately going to sell to Iran."

Thing is, the Soviet Union hasn't existed for more than a decade. Dean now says it was just a slip up, and he was tired when making the remark. Meanwhile, Dean is promising to unseal his much-sought-after records as Vermont governor if President Bush unseals his gubernatorial records, which Dean says are locked away in the elder Bush's presidential library. But, President Bush's records are actually in the custody of the Texas State Library (search) and are open to the public under Texas law.

Polygamy A Privacy Matter?

A Utah man convicted of polygamy (search) and sentenced to five years in prison for having five wives -- including one who was 13 when they were married -- says his conviction should be thrown out now that the Supreme Court has decriminalized gay sex.

Tom Green's attorney says there's no difference between the privacy now guaranteed to gay men and women in their homes and the privacy that should be guaranteed to men with several wives and 30 children. But the state prosecutor says this is not a case about privacy, it's about -- "a man who marries young girls and calls it religion."

A Lehigh Latrine Lookout

An official from Lehigh University's Office of Multicultural Affairs has sent an e-mail to students and faculty asking them to keep track of single-stall bathrooms around campus that have locks and could be turned into -- "more transgender-inclusive" facilities. Gene Kelly, in the e-mail, says he hopes -- "that if an individual on campus is questioning their gender identity they will have a safe place to go to." Eventually, he says, he hopes the bathrooms' signs will be changed from "man/woman" to -- "gender-neutral." In two days, he has received about 15 tips.

FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report