Baby Once Weighing 13 Ounces Celebrates First Birthday at 13 Pounds

A Middle Tennessee child has celebrated her first birthday, establishing her as the tiniest baby at birth to survive in Tennessee.

The Tennessean reported that Becca Hill of Bethpage in Sumner County was born 12 weeks early at Vanderbilt University children's hospital and weighted just 13 ounces.

Becca now weighs 13 pounds and her mother, Nancy Hill, said her daughter is now "causing all kinds of trouble."

Nancy Hill and her husband, John Hill, are both ministers at Bethpage United Methodist Church.

Vanderbilt assistant professor of pediatrics Dr. Joern-Hendrik Weitkamp said Nancy Hill's placenta didn't supply enough nutrients, oxygen and blood for Becca to grow properly.

Doctors were forced to perform an emergency delivery on June 21 of last year.


Information from: The Tennessean,