Baby Dies 24 Hours After Swine Flu Kills Mom

The baby son of Britain's first swine flu victim has died — just 24 hours after his mom.

Jacqui Fleming, 38, gave birth nearly three months prematurely at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley, near Glasgow.

The baby, named Jack, lost his battle for life in the same hospital where his mother passed away on Sunday.

"My beautiful son was born June 1, 2009 — 11 weeks early,” his dad William McCann said in a statement.

"He suffered from a number of complications and despite his brave fight he passed away earlier this evening. Coming so soon after the death of his mom, this is an extremely distressing and difficult time for our family and I would ask the media to respect our privacy as we try to cope with the loss of Jacqueline and Jack."

Fleming's death came as the total number of U.K. swine flu cases swelled to more than 1,200.

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