Axis of Weasel: Allies Say Whoa, Should We Still Go?

Countering blunt talk of war by the Bush administration, France and Germany on Wednesday insisted that they are committed to a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis.

"War is not inevitable," French President Jacques Chirac told a historic joint session of the French and German parliaments. "The only framework for a legitimate solution is the United Nations."

The statement - made during a ceremony marking 40 years of reconciliation between the once-hostile nations - came as the top U.S. military commander declared American forces could remain in a high state of readiness for months if necessary.

Axis of weasel: Allies say whoa, should we still go?

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If all of our allies are reluctant, we still need to do whatever it takes to make sure our country and our friends survive, and our enemies do not. That's what real friends do.
Scott C.
Simi Valley, CA

I haven't heard any real comments from any guests concerning the fear that France, Germany, & Russia have about us actually winning in Iraq.  After winning we will be able to obtain the actual documents showing all the items they have supplied to Iraq over the years in direct violation of UN resolutions.  Publicly showing these documents will cause these governments great embarrassment within their own country and around the world.  We know that many of our quasi-supporters have also supplied goods to Iraq, however, we should not embrass them publicly as long as they have provided the support we requested.
Hank P.

France and Germany have short memories and want to continue to 'use' the United States.  We need to remind them of our economic support to their economy also.  I hope all Americans will LOUDLY cancel any plans to visit these countries (go to Britain instead), and also pass on imports from these countries.  They need us more than we need them.
Charlotte, NC

I believe we should go as soon as possible and show France and Germany (once again) why the USA remains the great nation that it is.

Hey, would you guys quit 'dissing' France. Don't y'all remember? They kicked some serious butt in the Ivory Coast not too long ago.
Pat L.
Montgomery, AL

Germany and France are giving us trouble because we are a supper power. And they are not.
Chris R.
Tucson, AZ

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