AWOL Soldier Gets Caught in Stolen Humvee

A U.S Army soldier was arrested Monday in Volusia County, Fla. for allegedly stealing and fleeing in a military Humvee, reported.

Authorities said Private Sean Johnson drove the stolen Humvee from his army base at Fort Stewart in Georgia to Volusia County.

The Humvee ran out of gas and became stranded on Interstate 95. A deputy pulled over and became suspicious when Johnson couldn't provide him with any military paperwork to prove he was on a military mission, MyFoxOrlando reported.

The deputy discovered that Johnson was AWOL after he spoke with Army representatives. Johnson is behind bars and faces grand theft charges, the Web site reported.

The deputy called the Army. Army police say Johnson was AWOL and had stolen the Humvee earlier in the week. Johnson is in the Volusia County jail facing grand theft charges.

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