Eva Mendes looked simply stunning in a strappy silver gown on Saturday evening as she received the "Spirit of Elysium" Award at The Art of Elysium’s 2nd Annual Black Tie charity gala. But when it comes to slimming down for the highly-anticipated Hollywood Awards season, unfortunately this starlet has no magic tricks.

"My family always asks me how I do it and I wish I had a secret, but it's just about hard work and eating right," Mendes told Tarts. "But I did enjoy some Cuban food over the holidays, you have to enjoy food."

And it seems fellow starlet Sophia Bush adopts a similar approach — one should eat fat to lose fat.

"I’m Italian so I eat a lot of olive oil which is good for the skin they say, and just drink a lot of water," Bush said. Former "Friends" sensation Courteney Cox chimed in that she too just skulls down the H20.

Meanwhile, Diane Lane surely must have the best body of any female in her 40s. So if you want to follow in the footsteps of the "Unfaithful" starlet, get the jitters.

"Being nervous helps (to get in shape). Some people eat when they get nervous but I stop, I just can't eat when I'm nervous. That's probably the only way," Lane told Tarts at the Official Critics Choice Awards Post Party that she hosted last week. "I also do yoga and prayer. When I say prayer, meaning 'please God let it continue,' and 'I’m lucky, genetics.'"

Suddenly Skinny Jodie Sweetin Staying Sober

Jodie Sweetin (who recently separated from her husband) also attended the Boom Boom Gifting Wonderland, looking surprisingly skinny. Sweetin was overheard talking about how she popped the pounds quickly with NutriSystem and that she’s cut out all junk food from her life. As for her 27th Birthday this week, the former "Full House" starlet said she didn’t have any party plans just yet but was trying to co-ordinate something fun with her "sober friends."

Sweetin and her separated spouse, Cody Herpin, are currently locked in a custody battle over their nine-month-old daughter Zoie. After hearing testimony that the troubled Tinseltowner drove drunk with Zoie in the car at an emergency hearing on December 18, a judge ruled that the child star must be supervised while spending time with the little one. On this occasion, Sweetin’s mama Janice played sitter — although she did say that the hardest part is taking a shower as the baby monitor has to be brought into the bathroom.

Jodie is currently working on her own memoir to encapsulate her downward spiral which is slated for an October release.

New Couple Alert: Kate Hudson & Adam Scott?

Does Kate Hudson have a thing for athletic men? Last year the "Bride Wars" beauty dated champion cyclist Lance Armstrong and was rumored to accompany Madonna's ex A-Rod on a date, but has she now moved on to Australian pro golfer Adam Scott?

Hudson was spotted showing off her bangin' bikini bod on the beach in Maui alongside Scott on Monday and apparently the duo looked more than simply just friends.

Click for pics from PopSugar of Kate and Adam on the beach.

Tom Arnold Tries on Bras, Paris Shows Talent, Noth Loves SJP & Which "Desperate Housewife" Star is "Scary" in Bed?

In Tinseltown, it doesn’t matter whether you are up for an Award or not, even if you’re remotely in the fame game it seems you are still entitled to thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free stuff during Awards Season. As usual, anyone and everyone stepped out to get the goodies at the ever-growing number of Golden Globes "Gifting" lounges last week.

Over at Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge at the ultra-chic Zune House, Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren stopped by (two days in a row!) for freebies, as did Paris Hilton (who made a big deal about pre-ordering Rubber Duck ski boots for Sundance next week. Mind you, she doesn’t have a film there — this girl is going for all the parties.)

But it wasn’t all about receiving for the hotel heiress; she did take a little time out to give back. Hilton spent most of her swag-stay creating a "Designer Handbag" for the Marnie Rocks Beading Cancer Organization, and (gasp) she actually showed a lot of artistic talent. After completing her own hand print, Paris began to sketch a professional grade rendering of her own (mysteriously missing) dog, Tinkerbell. Paris intricately sketched her pampered pooch, including texture shaded fur, blue eyes and a green bow. Paris' creation, along with other bags from Mariah Carey, Tyrese and the casts of both "Desperate Housewives" and "Twilight," will be auctioned off this spring to help start new Beading Cancer teams in LA, Nashville and New York City.

Pop Tarts also spotted Tom Arnold - ahem, trying on bras at the Bittersweet Butterfly Fancy Lingerie stand before picking up some sexy undergarments for his girlfriend.

Speaking of picking up presents for the partner, Chris Noth got plenty of things to spoil his lady at HBO’s Luxury Lounge on Friday. Although he was actually more interested in talking to Tarts about another woman who has played a pretty "Big" part in his success.

"Sarah Jessica-Parker is not self-conscious. She's very natural. I love her fashion, and to my mind, I don't know anything about fashion, she only wears what suits her, what's in the moment. It’s great," Noth gushed.

Meanwhile "Desperate Housewives" star Neal McDonough was given a getaway to Miami Boutique Hotels, with his wife Ruve going out of her way to announce that they had not been down to the Florida paradise for quite some time as they were "busy making babies." McDonough plays Nicolette Sheridan’s hubby (and suspected murderer) on the hit show, but it sounds as though the actor is as suspect in his real life as he is in his reel life.

"Sometimes when he gets into bed he scares me too," his wife added.

On that note, we also spotted Kevin Federline’s gorgeous (and super tiny) ex Shar Jackson cashing in on the fruits of fame by picking up goods from Jenny Bec’s Toy Store stand at GBK.

"Oh Kevin, let’s have another!" she exclaimed.