Avis (CAR) announced a new service on Monday that allows customers to book a chauffeur to drive their rental car.

The car-rental giant is marketing the service as a convenience to weary travelers. Instead of having to pick up the rental, it — meaning the car, complete with driver — will pick you up for an extra $30 an hour (with a 3-hour minimum). The chauffeurs can be requested 24 hours ahead of time and can be dismissed at any time during a trip.

Avis is teaming up with rent-a-chauffeur company WeDriveU to make this service available.

The company also wants to appeal to business executives who are image-conscious and want to avoid being photographed getting in and out of limousines, John Barrows, vice president of corporate communications at Avis, told FOXNews.com.

Some say this new service is headed for roadblocks. Neil Weiss, the publisher of the limousine trade publication, Black Car News, told the USA Today that the low price of this service may have negative effects on the livery industry. He said that Avis may face opposition from regulators as well as livery companies.

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Avis is offering the service in ten U.S. cities, including New York and Los Angeles.

FOXNews.com’s Erik Berte contributed to this report.