Austin Powers, The Country Bears and The Kid Stays in the Picture.

Yeah Baby, he's back and who's your daddy? It's Michael Caine in Austin Powers in Goldmember. This movie plays more like an old Bob Hope variety special: lots of guest stars drop by, there a few dance numbers, some laughs, product placements and then the credits roll. New eye candy includes Beyonce Knowles as Foxy Cleopatra. Who can behave around her? We'll see.

Next, is that really Haley Joel Osment in that bear suit? Not exactly, although he told The Foxlight he's pleased with the resemblance. Really? The kid who saw dead people and then starred in a dead movie called A.I. is one of hte voices in Disney's The Country Bears. This thing also has a few famous cameos and is generally harmless. My two-year-old daughter lasted almost an hour which is a personal best.

Finally, Robert Evans has been called one of the most influential movie moguls of the last 30 years. And even though he probably said it more than anyone, it's true. Now this is better than "E True Hollywood Story." The Kid Stays in the Picture is a big screen splash, and it's already on my top 10 list. This is limited but go find it.