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JOHN GIBSON, CO-HOST: The nannies said the book falsely used them as a source. But Cosby caught up with their representatives in the Bahamas. Take a listen.


RITA COSBY, AUTHOR: What we would like in return is to — I'd obviously love to meet with them today. I would love to look at the affidavit.

NANNIES' REPS: OK, how is meeting with them today involving — how does this — how do these two...

COSBY: Well, I'd like to be able to — to go back to say to these people, too, that I've actually spoken with them because that's important. I need to be able to...

NANNIES' REPS: But you have spoken to them. You spoke with them on the phone in my presence and (INAUDIBLE)...

COSBY: Right. But very briefly. I'd love to be able to (INAUDIBLE)...

NANNIES' REPS: But what do you want to get from them today?

COSBY: I'd love to speak with them where I could even just — just even face-to-face to talk, I mean, that would be fine.

NANNIES' REPS: About what? You don't need to say hi...

COSBY: No, no, no. I want to speak with them briefly about some of the details. It doesn't — it is up to you. You tell me how far, you know, I can go and also what I could do with it or not do with it. Even if all I do today is just speak with them and get a chance to speak with them for 15 minutes about some of the details, that is fine.

NANNIES' REPS: And then what else? What else do you want?

COSBY: And I would love to look at the affidavits.

NANNIES' REPS: Which affidavits?

COSBY: I would love anything related to the homosexuality.


GIBSON: With me now, in a BIG STORY exclusive, Don Clark, he's the investigator who supports Cosby's book and says he also spoke directly to these nannies.

So Don, the veracity of Rita' claims about what these nannies said is what's in question. You dealt with their representatives and you dealt with them about what they said. How did that go? What did they say? Did they — are they the basis of this claim in Rita's book that there is this tape of Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern?

DON CLARK, INVESTIGATOR WORKING WITH COSBY: Well, you know, John, let me say is that I support Rita's book, but I don't have any idea how she got her information about this. But your question specifically as you asked me is that yes we did, myself and my team had some encounter with those nannies. And I can tell you those nannies were extremely controlled by the two handlers, one the lawyer who happened to be there and the other — the gentleman; I think his name is Lincoln Banes.

GIBSON: Well Don, was there a negotiation going on about this information? Were you trying to obtain this information for Rita Cosby for her book and did the nanny's agreed to give it?

CLARK: Good question. No, I was not trying to obtain the information from the nannies for Rita Cosby's book. In fact, I didn't even know Rita Cosby was writing a book until it was out. That's No. 1. No. 2, what we were trying to do is obtain as much information as we could to assist out client, and as you probably know, I have a client down here (INAUDIBLE), John O'Neil, John O'Quinn, who owns the firm, that's his client.

So, we were trying to get information and try to sift through some of the things that had been going on starting from Florida until that point.

GIBSON: Did the nanny's tell you that they were prepared. under certain circumstances, and I suppose that means money, to say that they knew that Larry and Howard K. Were engaged in gay sex, that there was a tape of it, and that Anna Nicole liked to watch that tape?

CLARK: We did not get an opportunity to discuss money and didn't go with any real plan to discuss money, but we did get an opportunity to ask the nanny's a couple of questions just to see what did they knew and they did confirm that they knew that Anna would watch these tapes in bed and laugh about them and that they had seen Larry in this position as they would put it.

And so we knew that they would say that much but after that, then there was no more real conversation with the nannyies pending some type of negotiation with the two handlers.

GIBSON: The lawyers, the sources lawyers' verses Rita, Howard K. and the Larry gay sex story, is it falling apart?

CLARK: I don't think it's falling apart, I mean, myself and members of my team hear the nannies say what they saw. Now if the nannies didn't — decided to go back on that word, then it's their word our word and I suppose against Rita's word because she had it in her book. So, I don't see that they're going back on it. In fact...

GIBSON: Don, is there a situation that you could imagine where they are saying we are not going to confirm this ever and we might have if somebody had handed us some money, but now we're not, and Rita is kind of hanging out to dry with the story she can't confirm?

CLARK: Well, I would hate to see that happen. With the handlers, let me tell you this. I think the nannies are the pawn in this thing. The nannies are not making that decision. Clearly the decisions are made by the lawyer and Lincoln Baines, who's there trying to get money, who in fact, even asked us for money, as well. So, I don't — I don't think the nannies have anything to do with it from that perspective.

GIBSON: What's the truth of this situation? If the nannies won't come forward and say: "I confirmed what Don says, what Rita says," what's the truth of the situation?

CLARK: Well, the truth is the truth and if they don't say that they said it again, they could say they said it again, and then decide to deny that. If they don't say it in front of everyone, no matter who they said in front of, if they say, well, we really didn't mean it that way, they can go that way. All we can — all I can say is what was told to myself and my team and I support — and I cannot speak for Rita, but she can say what they were told — was told to her.

GIBSON: Don Clark, a BIG STORY exclusive. Don, thanks very much for your information.

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