Auburn University Veterinary Student Vanishes During Study Abroad Trip in Asia

An Auburn University student disappeared in Asia while on a study abroad program, and his family is pleading with the public to help find him.

Michael Griffin Harrie, 29, a second year veterinary medicine student who was studying for a month at Iwate University in Morioka, Japan, was last seen July 14 in Thailand while on a sightseeing trip.

He started the trip to Bangkok on July 7 and was supposed to meet his parents in Tokyo on July 16, for a family vacation.

Harrie never arrived.

The College of Veterinary Medicine student, originally from California, was reported missing two days after the last reported sighting.

Security cameras at the airport in Bangkok shows Harrie by himself and heading toward the airport's exit, Mike Clardy, the director of communications at Auburn University told

Clardy said authorities do not suspect foul play and are treating it as a missing person case.

The trip to Bangkok was not affiliated with either university and authorities believe Harrie was traveling alone.

"He was planning to use his study abroad experience to help prepare him for his next year of veterinary school," his father, Paul Harrie, said in a statement released by Auburn University.

While in Japan, Harrie was studying pathobiology as part of a program that ran from late June through late July.

Two representatives from the university traveled to Tokyo to assist Harrie's family and are working with law enforcement in Thailand.

They have also been in contact with the consul general in Japan and the American Embassy in Thailand, the university said.

Anyone with information should call the university's security office at 334-844-8888.'s Michelle Maskaly and The Associated Press contributed to this report.