Aubrey O’Day Does Playboy, Gets Mad at the Mormons | Paris Hilton Grinds Sting on the Dance Floor? | Kim Kardashian’s New Image… And New Football Friend | 50 Cent Pulls the Michael Jackson Move & Jim Carrey Describes Love Affair With Ewan McGregor

Aubrey O’Day Does Playboy, Gets Mad at the Mormons

Aubrey O’Day wasn’t up to Diddy’s standards (hence she was booted from his girl group 'Danity Kane' last year) but it definitely sounds as though she’s good enough for Hugh Hefner who is putting the aspiring pop star on the cover of Playboy’s March issue.

"The shoot was so liberating, it is very classy, simple and glamorous," O’Day told Tarts at Kari Feinstein’s Sundance Style Lounge over the weekend. "It’s all about the girl and that’s what I wanted. It’s so glamorous, Hef was there and he loved it. My whole family came to watch, I have a very liberal and accepting family and there is very little judgment to have ever come out of my family."

And even though Miss O’Day was more than happy hanging out in Park City, Utah for nothing more than "movies, parties and gifting suites" she has been very vocal about fighting proposition 8 in California and stands by Tom Hanks’s proclamation to Pop Tarts last week that it is "Un-American" for the Mormon Church to be donating money to keep this proposition in place.

"It is absolutely Un-American. At the end of the day regardless of whether you agree with homosexuality or not it’s about supporting basic human rights, O’Day said. "They (homosexuals) need the rights just to go to hospital and get proper treatment if their boyfriend is sick and dying — when I hear stories that they get refused treatment, that’s when it’s really Un-American."

Paris Hilton Grinds Sting on the Dance Floor?

Sting was out for a good time in Park City on Sunday night to celebrate his film "Crude" at the SELF/ MSN Green bash but from what we hear things did get a little well, lewd on the dance floor with Paris Hilton.

According to Pop Tarts spies, Sting and the hotel heiress were happily dancing together when things got a little dirty and the moves turned into grinding. Apparently the photographers intentionally refrained from snapping the twosome to stop rumors from running rampant, although Sting’s wife of almost 18 years, Trudie Styler, was present at the party and laughed the promiscuous performance off as "a bit of good fun."

Kim Kardashian’s New Image … And New Football Friend

Kim Kardashian flew into the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday afternoon, but the stay was all in the name of catching up with old friends. We’re told the reality starlet was invited to pick up thousands of dollars worth of free swag at the mail.com Hollywood Life House and L-R-G Gifting Villa (plus dozens of others) but declined all invitations on the basis that she no longer wants to be seen getting goodies for free.

But Pop Tarts did spot the stunning starlet donning dark sunglasses at Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge on Saturday, but didn’t feel like talking to any press or vendors because she was "too hung-over." And while beau Reggie Bush was nowhere to be seen, Kardashian was in good company hanging around with another NFL sensation, Terrell Owens. The two laughed and joked around as T.O told Kardashian she wasn’t allowed "nap time" before hitting up the ONE Sunset bash at the VitaminWater House later that evening. But Kim didn’t look too excited to be at the party as she hid away by herself in the back corner while texting on her phone for a portion of the night. Problems in paradise?

50 Cent Pulls the Michael Jackson Move & Jim Carrey Describes Love Affair With Ewan McGregor

On the flip side, a star that was more than happy to be at the VitaminWater house party was Jim Carrey who was celebrating his 47th Birthday. After getting a shout-out from performer 50 Cent, Carrey joined him on the second storey (which was turned into a temporary stage) for some wild head-bangin’ and boogying during the birthday song hit "In Da Club" and Chris Rock later too jumped up for a little extra attention.

50 Cent then sent the packed party-house into frenzy when he announced that he was coming downstairs to finish his show-down amid all the party peeps, which included Jenny McCarthy, Tom Arnold, Emma Roberts, Kim Porter, Adrienne Bailon, Sarah Larson, Brittany Snow and Wesley Snipes. But after waiting in anticipation for quite some time, we soon discovered that 50 had pulled the old Michael Jackson move and snuck out thru the backdoor before anyone even knew his concert was over.

But back to Carrey, he plays Ewan McGregor’s gay lover in the controversial "I Love You Phillip Morris" and had quite an interesting description on what it was like to get down and dirty with the "Moulin Rouge" star.

"(Our relationship) has a very smoldering yum yum, eat ‘em up kind of vibe," Carrey said while chatting to us at Sundance’s Queer Lounge over the weekend. How ah, appetizing.