Attorney General Says Jail Is Too Expensive

A quick trip around Hannity's America...

No More Slammer

Attorney General Eric Holder made a startling announcement Monday in a speech before the American Bar Association. While the Obama administration will spend your money freely on everything from dinky airports to crab trapping, it's going to pinch pennies when it comes to law enforcement.

According to Holder, jail is getting really expensive, and there are other -- cheaper -- ways to fight crime. Oh really? Let's take a look:


ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER: We will not focus exclusively on incarceration as the most effective means of protecting public safety. Spending on prisons continues to rise. This is unsustainable economically. Many jurisdictions simply cannot afford the monetary costs of focusing exclusively on incarceration to say nothing of the social costs associated with high rates of imprisonment.


Since when does this administration care about sustainable economic policies? How about using some of that health care money to keep violent criminals behind bars?

Shoe Bomber Victory

Not only is the attorney general not interested in putting criminals in jail, he's even decided to lessen restrictions on some of those already in prison, including convicted terrorists.

Remember the shoe bomber Richard Reid? He's currently a life sentence at the Supermax prison in Colorado. Well, he's no longer restricted by so-called special administrative measures.

After Reid sued the Justice Department, those restrictions were magically lifted following what is being called a "routine annual review." That means Reid is back in the general population and now allowed to receive phone calls.

It sounds like the attorney general really has a good grasp on what it takes to keep this country safe.

Lucky No. 13

Members of the liberal Obamania media continue to flock to their leader. Tuesday marked the 13th journalist to join the Obama administration.

According to The Washington Post, television reporter Roberta Baskin has decided to own up to her true political ideology. Baskin will join Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' staff at the Department of Health and Human Services in mid-August.

Baskin previously worked for both ABC's "20/20" and CBS' "48 Hours." That means so-called news organizations like Time Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post are all now represented in the Obama administration.

By the way, when is my job offer coming?

No Free Lunch

Just last week, President Obama invited some of the country's most successful CEOs to lunch at the White House. Oddly, they were asked to provide their credit card numbers before they arrived. As it turns out, they were billed for the cost of their meals with the commander in chief!

That's really classy.

The head of Jackie Kennedy's White House staff told, "I'm sure they have their political reasons for doing that, but I think it's not what hospitality is all about."

Politico did ask former Bush administration officials about their policy, and it turns out guests were treated to lunch in President Bush's White House. However, the Bush administration was so careful about appearing buddy-buddy with corporate America that Politico couldn't find an administration official who recalled President Bush lunching with a single CEO at the White House -- ever.

That's change you can believe in, folks.

Million Dollar Man

These are tough times for New York Democrat Charlie Rangel. reports that the congressman has hit the $1 million mark in lawyer's fees!

The bills are stacking up as a result of various ethics investigations into Rangel's failure to pay taxes on a villa in the Dominican Republic and suspicious trips to the Caribbean.

It sounds like Charlie could use a bailout plan!

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