This week, most of America has been riveted to the misdeeds of the governor of Illinois.

His approval rating in Illinois is down to a stunning 8 percent — lower than the approval rating of most serial killers. The real question might be, what the heck is wrong with the 8 percent of people who do approve of his performance?

During my time on the road recently to sign copies of my book, "Do the Right Thing," I met so many wonderful people.

Last week as I signed books in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a lady approached me and said when I saw the title of your book, I knew I wanted a copy. She then placed a photograph in my hand and quietly walked away.

The photo was the gravestone of her husband, U.S. Marine Colonel Richard Christie, who died after a battle with cancer, but who had spent his life serving his country and living by the motto of "do the right thing."

He led the men and women who served under him to remember that they should do the right thing in life, not because someone was looking or would notice, but because it was the right thing.

God bless Colonel Richard A. Christie, U.S. Marines, for serving your country and doing the right thing.

If you read my book I propose a veterans bill of rights and you know that I believe that before we entertain the thought of bailing out banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses and car companies, we first need to fulfill our commitments to our veterans.

We give a lot — maybe too much — attention to the people like Blagojevich who dishonor their offices and the decent people who trusted them. And we don't give enough attention to the simple soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who do the right thing.

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