If you were considered a geek or a nerd in high school, here's a chance to make up for that prom you probably missed.

A Geek Prom will be held Saturday night in Duluth, Minnesota. It's a chance for adults who don't fit in to have a night out with their own kind.

Paul Lundgren came up with the idea. He says everyone's a geek somehow or another, including himself.

The Geek Prom is at the NorShor Theater in downtown Duluth. The evening will include the coronation of a King and Queen Geek. There will be video games where half-a-dozen techno geeks can square off against each other.

And unlike the high school prom, there'll be a bar. Some of the special geek drinks include the Pocket Protector and the Leonard Nimoy.

There also will be music for clumsy dancing. The theme for the night? "We are through being cool."