Attacks on Lieberman Are Norm From Left

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Hats off to Lanny Davis for admitting that the left can be nasty and intolerant and hateful.

He is talking about what the far left has done to Joe Lieberman, of course. But it is also true of other quarters of the left, and I was glad to see Lanny admit it.

However, I must say it was an admission that came with an insult. Lanny says he thought that hate and intolerance were the province of the right, and he's only learned lately that his friends on the left can practice it, too.

To make that point he gets into his way back machine and travels back in time to Joe McCarthy. So every conservative who has been maligned by the left must now console him or herself that it is deserved because of their political proximity to Joe McCarthy.

As an example from today he cites the acid-tongued artistry of Ann Coulter, as if there are no lefties who have mastered the insult as a way to make a living. I would just recommend to my friend Lanny to listen to Air America for a little bit or watch a Michael Moore movie, and he can see the hate and intolerance arm of the left in action.

What is happening to Joe Lieberman is not the exception from the left. It is much closer to the norm.

It would be nice if more of the left were moderate, like Lanny, but at least in terms of the public debate the moderate leftist is rare, if not endangered. You only have to look at what is routinely said about George Bush to get the picture.

On my radio show I've said my next book is going to be called "Bush Eats Babies," because the lefties will believe anything about Bush. Anything. The book will sell millions.

So, Lanny, thanks for the recognition of the truth. But dig a little deeper for the real truth.

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