Atlanta's transit system will rename a train route into the heart of the city's Asian community in response to complaints that calling it the "yellow line" showed a lack of racial sensitivity.

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority issued a statement Thursday afternoon announcing it would change the name of the line to the "gold line."

"The expressed concerns regarding the use of the phrase 'yellow line' will be addressed in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible," MARTA officials said in the statement.

The move to change the name to "gold" coincides with the demands of some advocates in the Asian community.

"Our thought is, why don't you change it to gold? It's really more of a 'why not?' question. Why not change it?" said Helen Kim, director of advocacy and education at the nonprofit Pan Asian Center for Community Services.

Naming it the "yellow line" was part of MARTA's color-coding the entire transit systems by using primary colors.

"There was absolutely no intent to confer any negative connotation through the use of any of the colors chosen," the statement released Thursday said.

FoxNews.com's Joshua Rhett Miller contributed to this report.