Astrology Signs and Exercise

Should your workout match your star sign? Ellen Barrett, creator of "Zodiaction," offers the following tips to get your exercise in alignment!

• Aries
Workout tip: Be sure to break a sweat every time
Workout motivation: Workout for anger management
Ideal workout: Spin class or outdoor road cycling (be sure to wear a helmet!)

• Aquarius
Workout tip: Stay away from Nautilus equipment — use free weights instead (they are less confining)
Workout motivation: Exercise can bridge the gap between mind and body (Aquarians sometimes have a big gap)
Ideal Workout: Bikram yoga

• Pisces
Workout tip: Try to workout barefoot — sneakers "trap" your feet and your feet tend to be sensitive to that
Workout motivation: Exercise to sooth you soul
Ideal workout: Hatha yoga and meditation

• Taurus
Workout Tip: Get a workout buddy that keeps you accountable and makes you show up
Workout motivation: Exercise can help manage weight
Ideal workout: Power walking

• Gemini
Workout tip: Sweat with people — exercise and socialize simultaneously Workout motivation: Exercise is not work, it's play!
Ideal workout: Dance class

• Cancer
Workout tip: Go to a studio or small gym — avoid crowded and noisy workout environments
Workout motivation: Exercise to de-stress
Ideal workout: Mat Pilates

• Leo
Workout tip: Buy multi-memberships to several gyms — out of all the signs, Leo will use them!
Workout motivation: You want to look great in clothes and flaunt your body — working out makes that possible
Ideal Workout: Power yoga

• Virgo
Workout tip: Exercise is a very, very clean environment or not at all
Workout motivation: DETOX
Ideal workout: Bikram yoga

• Libra
Workout tip: Make symmetry the goal and everything will fall into place
Workout motivation: Exercise makes you more beautiful
Ideal workout: Ballet

• Scorpio
Workout tip: Workout alone
Workout motivation: Exercise makes one feel alive
Ideal workout: Interval training

• Sagatarius
Workout tip: Get outdoors!
Workout motivation: Exercise improve physical prowess
Ideal workout: Sports

• Capricorn
Workout tip: Aim for long workouts: 2-hours plus
Workout motivation: Exercise helps you stay healthy
Ideal workout: Hiking