Ashton to 'Punk' Stars for Three More Seasons

A warning to celebrities: you're not in the clear just yet. "Punk'd," (search) hosted by Ashton Kutcher (search), will continue for three more seasons, MTV spokesman David French confirmed Wednesday.

Kutcher and company will film 24 new episodes of the hidden-camera prank show, the first of which will air sometime next year.

In the past, Kutcher has been secretive and contradictory about the future of "Punk'd," perhaps with the idea of keeping celebrities unsuspecting. (Nick Lachey thought his wife, Jessica Simpson, had allowed her hillbilly relatives to move their trailer onto his mansion estate, and Justin Timberlake (search) was moved to panic when he thought all his belongings had been seized because he owed $900,000 in back taxes.)

In January, Kutcher told The Associated Press, "Let's put it this way. I'm getting ready to start shooting two movies, I'm still working on 'That '70s Show,' I'm producing two other shows for MTV and creating a one-hour drama pilot for Fox ... I don't have the time."

Three months later, "Punk'd" returned to MTV for its third season.