Ashlee Simpson may have followed sister Jessica's lead by launching a singing career, but she's not interested in mirroring her romantic life by linking up with a famous guy.

"If you fall in love with somebody, you fall in love with somebody, but I would really like to not like a celebrity," she said with a laugh in a recent interview with The Associated Press.

Of course, Jessica Simpson is married to fellow singer Nick Lachey. The pair has been under a microscope since their MTV reality show "Newlyweds" made them A-list stars. It has recently been reported that they have broken up; publicists for the pair have denied it.

Like her sister, Simpson also has had a celebrity romance — though not as high profile. She dated fellow singer Ryan Cabrera, and also like her sister, had her relationship chronicled on an MTV reality show last year.

"It's definitely interesting when your relationship is in a magazine and people know about it and how I had this reality show and people knew what was going on in my relationship," she said.

The pair have since split, though she is still friends with Cabrera and calls him a "great guy."

But an average Joe seems to have a better shot with Simpson these days.

"I think it would definitely be easier. I'm not looking for an actor, I'm not looking for a musician!"

Simpson's latest album, "I Am Me," was released last month.