Ashlee Simpson Calls Britney Spears 'Trashy'

Ashlee Simpson says Britney Spears is "trashy."

"In an interview the other day, they asked me what I thought, 'You've had one too many Britney Spears' means," Ashlee said, according to OK! "I was like, 'What?' And they said it means you've had one too many beers. I was like, 'Oh, you've had one too many trashy girls!'"

The incident happened when Simpson was answering a question while appearing on The Nokia Green Room a London music show.

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OK! reported the 23-year-old singer, who is newly engaged and rumored to be pregnant, felt sorry after she made the comment about Spears.

"I was like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe I just said that!,'" said Simpson, according to the Web site. "It was really bad. I felt horrible."

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