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Campaign 2004 Update
President Bush and Vice President Cheney are posting information on the more than 100,000 people who have already contributed money to their campaign, including information on those who have given less than $2. The grand total gathered for the 2nd quarter, $34.4 million. The entire list can be seen on their Campaign 2004 (search) web site. Meanwhile, another sign that the presidential campaign of Congressman Dick Gephardt (search) is struggling. New figures show he did not raise as much money as predicted. He had hoped to bring in 5 million in the second quarter, but his campaign collected 3.8 million.

‘Takin' It To the Taxpayers?
A few weeks ago we told you that former President Bill Clinton and his wife, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, still had not paid off as much as $6.5 million in legal fees from the White-Water and Monica Lewinsky (search) scandals. They were hoping taxpayers would pick up at least half of the bill. Well, a specially created judicial panel in Washington has now ruled the Clintons will not be reimbursed for millions they wanted back in legal fees from the White-Water investigation. But the court ruled they are entitled to about $85,000. No decision yet on whether taxpayers will ultimately pick up the tab for the Lewinsky legal fees.

Operation Supreme Court Freedom
As Operation Iraqi Freedom (search) continues in Iraq, now there is ‘Operation Supreme Court Freedom’ here at home. That's the name of religious broadcaster and Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson's latest prayer offensive. Over the next 20 days he is asking supporters to pray for the Supreme Court to stop "weakening our moral standards." Last month the Supreme Court ruled that sodomy could not be criminalized. And now, in a letter going out to 10,000 pastors and churches across the nation as part of… Robertson says, "One justice is 83 years old, another has cancer, and another has a heart condition. Would it not be possible for God to put it in the minds of these three judges that the time has come to retire?"

Bad news got ya down? What you need is a little Panda-monium. The two giant pandas at the National Zoo, hosted their 5 millionth visitor today. She is Susan Gwee from Singapore, who was given her own private tour of the Panda exhibit, a giant plush panda and a free membership to the Friends of the National Zoo. While this no doubt filled Ms. Gwee with glee, Tian Tian and May Jang did what they usually do, they sat quietly munching on whatever it is pandas munch on.

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report