Arthur C. Clarke Books, Awards

Key Non Fiction Works

Extraterrestrial Relays in Wireless World
Space Stations for Global Communications in Wireless World
Ascent to Orbit: A Scientific Autobiography
Astounding days: A Science Fictional Autobiography
Boy Beneath the Sea
The Challenge of the Sea
The Challenge of the Spaceship
The Coast of Coral
The Coming of the Space Age (edited)
The Exploration of the Moon
The Exploration of Space
The First Five Fathoms
Going into Space
How the World Was One
Indian Ocean Adventure
Indian Ocean Treasure
Interplanetary Flight
The Making of a Moon
1984: Spring
Profiles of the Future
The Promise of Space
The Reefs of Taprobane
Report on Planet Three
Science Fiction Hall of fame, III (edited)
Three for Tomorrow (edited)
Time Probe (edited)
Treasure of the Great Reef
The View from Serendip
Voice Across the Sea
Voices from the Sky

Collaborative Works

With Simon Welfare and John Fairley
Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
Arthur C. Clarke's World of Strange Powers
With the Astronauts
First on the Moon
With Robert Silverberg
Into Space
With Chesley Bonestell
Beyond Jupiter
With the Editors of Life
Man and Space
With Peter Hyams
The Odyssey File

Key Works of Fiction

Across the Seas of Stars
Against the Fall of Night
Childhood's End
City and the Stars
The Deep Range
Dolphin Island
Expedition to Earth
A Fall of Moondust
The Fountains of Paradise
From the Oceans, from the Stars
Ghosts from the Grand Banks
Glide Path
The Hammer of God
Imperial Earth
Islands in the Sky
The Lion of Comarre
The Lost Worlds of 2001
The Nine Billion Names of God
The Other Side of the Sky
Prelude to Mars
Prelude to Space
Reach for Tomorrow
Rendezvous with Rama
The Sands of Mars
The Sentinel
The Songs of Distant Earth
The Sentinel
Tales from the “White Hart”
Tales of Ten Worlds
2001: A Space Odyssey (With Stanley Kubrick)
2010: Odyssey Two
2061: Odyssey Three
3001: The Final Odyssey
The Wind from the Sun