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A new garage door brings fresh beauty and greater function to your home. It can increase your home's curb appeal, improve security and even add value.

To select the right garage door and opener for your home, it's important to understand your options and take the following into consideration:

— Style
— Materials
— Windows and Insulation
— Durability and Safety
— Installation

• Garage Door Styles

There are two major styles of garage doors: classic and carriage house.

Classic style
Classic style garage doors are found in many homes today. The classic style features either flat/flush surfaces or several rows of rectangular panels.

The Home Depot offers three series of classic style garage doors from Clopay, each with a wide selection:

Carriage House Style:
Before modern garages housed automobiles, carriage houses stored horse-drawn vehicles. Enhance your home's curb appeal with a new garage door that captures the look of that bygone age.

The Home Depot offers three Portfolio Lines from Clopay. The Portfolio Line includes several collections of wood and steel Carriage House designs providing old world charm with modern and convenient operation:

Reserve Collection:
6 classic wood Carriage House designs with 6 window styles to create a custom look
Available in 5 popular wood types
Attractive antique black iron hardware also available to accent your door
Price Range: $1,400 - $7,500 Installed

Coachman Collection:
11 steel carriage house designs with composite overlays to create the look of wood with the low maintenance of steel
8 window/top sections
Base door has a natural wood grain texture painted in white, almond or sandstone
Multiple black iron decorative hardware available
Price Range: $1,100 - $2,600 (DIY - Delivered)

Gallery Collection:
Deep embossed steel Carriage House designs using an innovative process by which the product design is stamped directly onto the steel (as opposed to using composite overlays)
The big consumer benefit here is the charming Carriage House look at more affordable prices
Available in white, almond or sandstone
Includes larger windows with or without grilles and decorative hardware
Price Range: $400-$2,300 (DIY - Delivered)

Note: Prices vary by size and options (i.e., solid door, windows, hardware).

• Garage Door Materials

Most garage doors are made primarily from either steel or wood.

Steel Garage Doors: Many homes today have steel garage doors. Steel garage doors generally offer better durability, require less maintenance and are more affordable than wood doors. Some steel garage doors simulate the look of wood.

Wood Garage Doors: Garage doors made from real wood add elegance and style to your home, enhancing its curb appeal. Wood garage doors at The Home Depot offer the look of traditional carriage-house and panel-style doors.

• Windows and Insulation

Windows: Windows add style and let light into your garage. Most garage doors at The Home Depot offer a variety of window options:
Single-pane clear glass
Obscure (translucent) glass
Insulated clear glass
Insulated obscure glass

Insulation: A garage door should help reduce noise and insulate against heat and cold, especially for a garage that's attached to your home, that has a room above it or that's used as a place to play, work or store items.

Thermal Insulation: A garage door's ability to insulate against heat and cold depends on its construction and the type and thickness of its insulating layer. An "R-value" indicates how well a garage door insulates. Higher numbers mean better insulation, greater energy efficiency and lower utility costs. Check with an associate at The Home Depot nearest you about reading R-value labels on your new garage door.

Noise Reduction: The same insulation that keeps cold or heat out of your garage also helps to reduce the amount of external noise transmitted through the door, so higher R-values also mean less noise.

If insulation is important for you, consider a garage door with multilayer construction:

Classic Line Premium Series
Classic Line Value Plus Series
Portfolio Line Coachman Collection
Portfolio Line Gallery Collection

• Durability and Safety

More durable doors offer greater resistance to scratching and denting and look beautiful longer.

To determine how durable your garage door needs to be, think about how your garage and driveway are used:

Do children use your driveway or garage as a play area?
Is there a basketball backboard on your garage?
Do you frequently move construction or yard equipment in and out of your garage?
Do you load bicycles and other objects from your garage into your car?

If so, your garage door could be subject to all sorts of bumps and collisions that could cause dents or scratches. Consider one of the many highly durable steel garage doors offered at The Home Depot in our Classic Line (all series) and Portfolio Line (Coachman and Gallery series).

Extreme Weather: In areas with extreme weather, building codes may require specially constructed garage doors. Clopay's WindCode® doors, for example, are specifically designed to withstand the high winds of some coastal areas. For more information, please call 1-888-480-9500 or visit The Home Depot store nearest you.

Safety: Safety is important when choosing your garage door and opener, especially when children are present. You can count on our installers to make sure your garage door is installed properly for maximum safety, and you can count on The Home Depot to offer garage door openers with extensive safety features.

The safety of your garage door and opener also depends on proper maintenance. Please review the care and maintenance information for your new garage door and opener.

For best results, every month you should:
Inspect your garage door and opener
Lubricate door springs and hardware
Perform a safety reverse test
Check your garage door balance

• Installation

Trust The Home Depot to provide the best products, helpful advice and top-quality installation, on time and on budget.

When you choose The Home Depot, you'll enjoy all these advantages:
Premium-quality garage doors and openers from leading manufacturers
Helpful, friendly guidance on choosing the right garage door and opener for your needs
Professionally prepared proposal for your inspection and approval
Free on-site inspection to make sure your new garage door and opener will work for your home before they're installed
Total project management
Start-to-finish installation by professionals who are background-checked, licensed and insured*
One competitive price that covers everything from your new garage door and opener to installation and cleanup
Superior warranties on all materials and workmanship
Service that's backed by The Home Depot

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