Arnold Passes Action Hero Torch to The Rock

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As Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) builds up his clout on the campaign trail, he's pumping up The Rock's (search) role as musclebound action hero.

In one scene of the new Hollywood action flick "The Rundown," the California gubernatorial hopeful walks by the pro-wrestling superstar's character and advises him to have fun — a symbolic passing of the action-hero torch.

According to The Rock, the exchange with the Governator wasn't part of the original script.

"Probably because there were so many comparisons already, which I thought was very flattering, but I never ever thought that Arnold should be in the movie or anything," The Rock, whose real name is Dwayne Johnson, said in Sunday's Boston Herald.

The Schwarzenegger cameo came after a lunch that brought together the two action stars and "Rundown" director Peter Berg (news). On a whim, Berg and The Rock asked Schwarzenegger if he wanted to be in the film, and within 15 minutes, they were on the set.

The Rock, 31, has muscled his way onto the big screen and ramped up his box office appeal through films "The Mummy" and "The Scorpion King." "The Rundown" opens Friday.