Arnie: Sound Bites, or Substance?

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California Republicans say Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) stumbled through his first week as a candidate for governor.

More to the point, Republicans say Schwarzenegger's team has stumbled so soon out of the gate because the film star has developed what appears to be a case of stage fright, appearing only once in the past ten days to discuss his campaign.

His early lead has been cut nearly in half, he's offered no concrete proposals to address California's economic and budget woes and blundered into a damaging flap over property taxes.

Arnie: Sound bites, or substance?

A sample of your responses:

Arnold needs to clean house, starting with throwing under the bus prominent Democrat Warren Buffett, who was a big Hillary supporter. He already has George Schultz, Pete Wilson, Dick Reardon, and David Dreyer on his committee as advisors, so it's time for Buffett to go!
Dan S.

Arnold is definitely substance, I'm glad to see a Republican running that has a good chance of winning.
Lowell A.
Pattaya, Thailand

Arnold needs to get substance. Arnold needs to get rid of Warren Buffett. Buffett's ideas are sound but not generally affordable for almost all Californians. Remember Ross Perot running for President? At first he seemed a good choice: his financial concepts made him a billionaire. Then we found out about the aliens and paranoia and he did not seem so good an idea. He needs to get his platform solid and work on getting solid concepts out there as to how he will handle each problem, he also needs to narrow the field, i:e get the financial concept down first then pick the next 4 top issue's and what the solutions are

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