Army Wants Review of Tillman Investigation

The Army has requested a review of its investigation into the death of former professional football player Pat Tillman (search), who was killed in a friendly-fire incident in Afghanistan last year, FOX News has learned.

The Army had initially reported that Tillman was killed by enemy fire, but investigations later determined top commanders knew shortly after his death both that he was killed by friendly fire and that key forensic evidence, including his uniform, had been destroyed.

Tillman's parents have sharply criticized the Army's handling of the incident. They charge the Army with being more concerned about its image and its recruiting efforts than telling the truth. The Army has admitted it made mistakes in handling the investigation.

A spokesman for the Defense Department Inspector's General office said this week that it would turn the findings of its review over to the Army, which would decide whether to proceed.

The spokesman said the review of the case does not suggest, at this point, that criminal charges could be filed.

Tillman, a player for the Arizona Cardinals, left the National Football League after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to join the Rangers with his brother.

After a tour in Iraq, the pair were sent to Afghanistan in 2004 to help hunt for the Taliban (search) and Usama bin Laden (search).

Shortly after arriving in the mountains to fight, Tillman, mistaken for the enemy as he got into defensive position, was killed by a barrage of gunfire from his own men.

After a public memorial service, at which Tillman received the Silver Star, the Army told Tillman's family what had really happened.

FOX News' Nick Simeone and The Associated Press contributed to this report.