Army Deserter Reportedly Found Wearing Woman's Thong

A man wanted by the U.S. army for desertion was arrested in Colorado while wearing a woman's thong, according to reports.

Christopher Mauger, who was being sought on a felony warrant for desertion, was arrested on Saturday after Boulder police received an anonymous tip that he was at an apartment on 29th Street in Boulder, the Daily Camera reported.

Mauger was undergoing basic training at Fort Benning, Ga., and told police he fled the base while on leave and did not plan to return. He then tried to run away, according to an arrest report.

Mauger was later taken to the ground by two officers who told him he'd be Tased if he didn't calm down. He was ticketed for resisting arrest and taken to Boulder County Jail, where staff found three pairs of panties in Mauger's shirt pocket and said he was wearing a woman's thong beneath his boxer shorts.

Police said Mauger refused to tell jail staff where the undergarments had come from or why he had them, the Daily Camera reported.

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