Armstrong Gets a Bike Basket on Letterman

David Letterman found just the right bicycle accessory for Lance Armstrong (search).

Monday on the "Late Show with David Letterman" (search) he gave the seven-time Tour de France (search) winner a basket, complete with gaudy plastic flowers as well as a sign reading "7 Time Winner."

"It goes right on the handlebars," Letterman said. "You see what I'm talking about."

Armstrong appeared the show to talk about winning his seventh and final Tour and life after racing. After receiving his gift, Armstrong recalled his first visit as a guest in Letterman's studio, when he got a beaded seat cover of the kind that used to be popular among New York taxi drivers. Of course, his was shaped to fit a bicycle seat.

"Dave cut one out the shape of a saddle, with just the beads and said, 'Here, I thought you might like this.'" Armstrong said. "But the two together, like the seat and this I might come back for No. 8."